“Deux Canots” by Michel Poirier

Spiritual Companioning

We all yearn to be seen, to be heard, to be known. We long to be our true selves.

A spiritual companion is someone who comes alongside you on your spiritual journey. I found this painting by Michel Poirier of the 2 canoes and the 2 chairs on the dock. It seemed a perfect visual for this work. We can sit together, travel together, while maintaining our own separateness.

I completed the SoulGuiding program with Pacific Jubilee in the summer of 2020. The move to SoulGuiding has been a natural progression from a gentle, hands-on therapy. Often when people are struggling with life’s challenges, they become untethered from anything spiritual and have nothing to support them. At these times the question I most often ask them is – How do you resource yourself? In other words, what supports you internally when you are suffering or struggling?

I often find that people have few reference points for spiritual sustenance. The art of spiritual companioning is listening to your story – your struggles, your joys, your yearnings – and looking for the movement of spirit. This is not problem solving or therapy. It is watching for glimpses of softening, of lightness, of opening into something deeper than what is on the surface as you explore your life. And gently bringing your attention to these moments so that you can move more into the light within you. This is Spiritual Companioning.

My own spiritual journey began in my childhood. Since that time, I have explored many spiritual paths to find my own way to the Source that gives me life and meaning.

I am happy to work with people of all ages, all gender identifications, from all walks of life. People with a faith background or no faith background. People with spiritual practices or none. The path for each of us is as unique as a fingerprint. The joy is in the journey.

My fee for spiritual companioning is $80 for a one-hour Zoom session – or if you live in Victoria, BC, we can meet in person.

“Having consciously opened to a spiritual path rather late in life (60’s), I found that most organized religions did not call me. I wandered on my own for some years, gathering what resonated from spiritual experiences that began to feel more palpable.  Essentially I seem to have landed in the Perennial Wisdom tradition. It is only, however, since I have been meeting with dear Sarah – close to 2 years now – that I have begun to integrate my experiences and have faith that I am on a path – a path that makes sense backwards as well as forwards. Sarah emanates soulful contact, validation, inspiration and also encourages practical methods to connect with one’s own unique path.  I regard her presence in my life as a gift of grace.” ~ Marcia, Victoria, BC

Labyrinth – Loyola House, Guelph, ON