Sarah Hovey

My journey in the healing arts started with entering the West Coast College of Massage Therapy (WCCMT) in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1984. I was looking for a new direction in my life and was attracted to the study of the human body, in particular: anatomy and physiology. I confess to being something of an anatomy nerd.

On graduating from the WCCMT in 1986, I moved to Victoria, BC where I have worked in this profession since that time. I started studying CranioSacral Therapy (CST) with the Upledger Institute in 1990, fascinated by the depth of subtleties available while practicing this form of bodywork.

I started teaching Craniosacral Therapy in 2001. At first, I taught privately then was asked to develop and teach the Craniosacral program at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Victoria, which I did for 3 years. After that I was invited to develop and teach the year-long Cranial Sacral training at Langara College in Vancouver BC, which I also did for 3 years. I love teaching and continue to do some one-on-one mentoring.

In 1996, I stopped offering massage and devoted my practice to CST. From the beginning, in addition to CST, I have studied other forms of bodywork – Lymphatic Drainage, Jin Shin Do acupressure, Visceral Manipulation, Zero Balancing, Healing Touch, Reiki, and others. My focus has always been to blend new ways of working with the body into my practice of craniosacral therapy.

In January of 2010, I completed a 2-year program of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) in Austin, TX. This work has transformed and deepened my practice, and continues to do so.

In 2017, I entered the 2-year SoulGuiding program with Pacific Jubilee, here in BC. I have found that the area where people are often floundering in their healing process, apart from the physical challenges, has shifted over the years from being mostly psychological to being more spiritual in nature.

At this time in my life I divide my work between in-person Bodywork in Victoria, BC, a Distance Healing practice, and Spiritual Companioning.

I see my work as holding space for people on their healing journey, however that manifests.

Looking South from the tip of Vancouver Island