Distance Healing

Distance treatments evolved naturally out of my craniosacral therapy practice, a training in energy healing and my desire to treat some people who could not come to see me in person.

When my in-person practice was shut down for 2 months due to the COVID pandemic in the Spring of 2020, I decided to offer distance treatments more widely to my clients. Not everyone is open to this form of healing as it can seem pretty “out there” and it is difficult to explain how it works. Fortunately, quite a few people were open to it and a whole new avenue of working with folks opened up.

What a Session Looks Like

The sessions look much like my in-person Bodywork treatments. If we have never met before, I like to have some kind of video chat first so we can actually see each other. This can be done using Zoom, WhatsApp, or some other medium. I always do an initial interview to find out what you are dealing with and what you are hoping to receive from the work. Sometimes what I offer is not a good fit and I am always happy to make suggestions of other avenues of care if that is the case.

The actual sessions themselves don’t require video so we do them using the phone on speaker so we can talk during the treatment if we want to.

You are lying down somewhere comfortable where you won’t be disturbed. Most people lie on their bed. We talk a bit about how you are doing and what you need that day.

Then I tune into you and your body, envisioning you in front of me. I pay attention to what comes up and engage with you, just the same as if we were physically together.

As I have described in the Bodywork section, my work draws on many modalities, though my main modality is some form of craniosacral therapy. I use them all, as needed, to help your body find its own healing and come back into balance.

I can describe what I am working with and what I am noticing. Some people want that, some don’t. Most people feel energy moving in their body and changes happening.

I should also say that it doesn’t matter how far apart we are. Down the street or across the country – the treatments work just the same. It’s magical, really.

Benefits of Distance Work Compared to In-Person
  • The first most obvious one is that it doesn’t matter where you are – across town or far away.
  • Even if you live where I do, you don’t have to leave your home. You can just rest after the session and don’t have to get up and travel home.
  • Sometimes the work seems freer without being in each other’s physical presence, and deeper changes are possible.

If you would like to talk with me to find out if this work might be suitable for you, please contact me using the Contact page.

My fee for Distance Healing is $120 for an hour session.

“Thanks to long distance sessions with Sarah, I can stand straighter, move in ways I couldn’t before, and have less pain. I’ve worked with many bodyworkers over the years and have never had such substantial changes take place so consistently. The sessions feel very similar to in-person craniosacral treatments. I start to feel more and more relaxed, and then specific areas being worked on begin to change and settle. Sarah is a gifted therapist who I feel very lucky to be able to work with.”
~ Freya, Kelowna, BC